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The Public Works Authority (PWA)-ASHGHAL Jobs Vacancies 2013
on Friday 11 January 2013

The Public Works Authority (PWA also known as ASHGHAL) is a government authority in Qatar who is responsible for overseeing the Design, Construction and Operation of Highways, Drainage and government buildings and infrastructure development for major project expansions across all segments of physical infrastructure. They urgently require the following professionals. To know more about the company, please visit www.ashghal.gov.qa

- Sr. Landscape Engr. JRE35575
- Sr. Pavement Engr. JRE27425
- Sr. Material Engr. JRE35576
- Sr. Lighting Engr. JRE35592
- Sr. Highway Engr. JRE35593
- Sr. Transportation Engr. JRE35594
- Sr. Drainage Engr. JRE29888
- Sr. Traffic Engr. JRE35597
- Senior ITS Engr. JRE27417
- Sr. Road Safety Engr. JRE35622
- Sr. Traffic/Safety Engr. JRE27427
- Drainage Engr. JRE35596
- Traffic Engr. JRE35598
- Traffic/Safety Engr. JRE27409
- Utilities Engr. JRE27165
- Traffic Modeler JRE35595

- Sr. Engr. (Highways) JRE35877
- Sr. Commercial Specialist JRE35876
- Sr. Engr. (Utilities) JRE35925
- Sr. Quantity Surveyor JRE35929
- Quantity Surveyor JRE35929
- Sr. Expressways Engr. (Interface) JRE35928
- Sr. Expressways Engineers JRE35927

For the above positions, please mail your CV to : jobsdxb@jvi-global.com

- Sr. Expressway Engineer (MAC experience) JRE27141
- Sr. 0&M Engr. (Corridor Management) JRE27408
- Sr. ITS Engrs. JRE27100
- Road Safety Engrs. JRE27409
- Roads Signs Engrs. JRE27410
- Traffic Engrs. JRE27411
- Traffic Signal Engrs. JRE27109

- Sr. Process / Environmental Engr. JRE29901
- Sr. Electrical Engr. JRE27398
- Sr. Planning Engr. JRE27400
- Sr. Sewerage Engr. JRE35574
- Sr. TSE Engr. JRE27402
- Foul Sewer Engr. JRE27396
- Building Permit Engr. JRE35624
- Hydrologist JRE35573

For the above positions, please mail your CV to : jobsdxbl@jvi-global.com

- Sr. Contract Specialist JRE29408
- Sr. Drainage Networks Engr.(Surface & Ground water) JRE30383
- Design Engr. (Drainage O&M) JRE35932
- Sr. Environmental Engr. JRE35621
- Sr. Safety Engr. JRE29893
- Sr. TSE Engr. JRE27402
- Sr. GIS Engr. JRE35619
- Contract Specialist JRE27221
- Engineer (Drainage 0&M) JRE35935
- Sr. Drainage Engr. JRE31139
- Chemical Engr. JRE35620
- TSE Engr. JRE30385
- GIS Engr. JRE33685
- Sr. Design Engineer (Drainage O&M) JRE35936

For the above positions, please mail your CV to : jobsdxb2@jvi-global.com

“Attractive Salary will be given to the right candidate”
- Employees can choose housing allowance or government provided housing
- Medical coverage in all government hospitals for employees and family
- Annual Ticket for employee, spouse and 3 children under the age of 18
- Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 7:30am to 3pm
- Holidays: 40-45 days yearly depending on the job category / grade

To Apply: Please mail your CV to mentioned email IDs and also register your CV at www.jerryvarghese.com/applyonline
Please select your source of CV as “Print Advertisement” quoting the above Job Title and Ref. No. (JRE). “To view detailed job descriptions, please visit www.jerryvarghese.com/ashghal

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